Conair Digital Glass Scale

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TheMotivate Scale is a useful and attractive addition to your bathroom decor with its nice stainless steel finish. It is accurate for weights up to 350 pounds, allowing for a wide range of weight needs. The digital display returns results to the tenth of a pound so that you can track even the smallest changes. The Weight Watchers stamp of approval indicates a quality product that allows you to easily track your weight at intervals you choose. The Weight Watchers Con WW58 Motivate Scale allows you to track weights up to 350 pounds. Easy-to-read digital display gives you better accuracy than analog scales, which may be read differently according to your relative position to the needle on those basic scales. Runs on just a AAA battery. Stainless steel look gives the scale a modern styling, and it stays attractive for a long period of time. Gives results to within a tenth of a pound. An economical price for a high-quality scale that bears the trusted Weight Watchers brand for its proven ability to help you track the goals you wish to attain